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Welcome & Congrats 
To Join Our Program
Already make payment to your sponsor?
Here are some Guides to manage your Link.

See the link marked below?
Its your link with your Username at the end.

How to assure your link was activated or not?
Click Audio/Video Library.
If you can access through, means your link has been activated.

So, whats you need to do next?
Please take your time, and clear things up.
If you didnt understand this guide, please refer with your sponsor.

1) Update/Edit your link profile.
2) How to avtivate new members.
3) How to renew your link.
4) Where to promote your link.
5) FAQs about Reverse to Up system.

Update/Edit your Link Profile

1) Login your link and Click profile.
2) At "Personal Information" box:
  • Fill in details required.
  • At "State" box, choose "Not Applicable" 
  • because it for USA members only.

3) At "About Me Information" box. Just leave it.

4) "Payment Information" box.
  • Choose only (Cash, Money Gram, Western Union)

  • Fill this into "Payement Instructions" box.
    Please make CASH payment to: (your name)
    Bank in RM100.00 to: (your bank acc no)
    Please SMS - (your fon no)
    Make your payment as soon as posible , so that I can Activate your Account Immediately.
5) When finish, click "Update Profile"
  • Done. If you want to check your link work properly or not, click "To check that your link work properly"
  • You got same link with your sponsor. But ofcoz with your details inside. So, if people want to join you, they will know where to make payment rite?
  • Same as you saw your sponsor link? Hehe
  • If still need to adjust your details, just repeat the steps above.

How To Activate New Members?

1) As usual, login your link first.
2) Click "Mark Payments" to check new regstration.
  • [Video/Audio education membership]
  • If there is new registration, proceed to futher steps below.
  • If not, please recheck here.
  • Go to "View Downline" and choose "Video/Audio Education Memb (Unpaid Members)"
  • Do recheck, you can see if their name+email were here, but not in your "Mark Payments" list.
  • If the registration exist here, its mean, your new member probably, during registration, didnt click "Start The Payment Process".Ask them, again, to click here to complete their registration.

3) New registration exist. Click "Process"

4) Activating new members:
  1. Payment Process - choose CUSTOM PROCESSOR
  2. Custom Process - type cash
  3. Transaction ID - type (username new member)
  4. Payment Amount - type 25
  5. Account ID : Leave it
  6. Note: Leave it also
  7. Click "Submit" when finish
5) Do recheck
  • Check again your downline that you just activated.
  • Go to "View Downline" and check whether they were exist there or not.
  • Please take note, new members will join you in different kind of lines. Will discuss further in last note.

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How To Renew Link

1) How to check your "Expired Date"
  • Login your link and again, click "Start The Payment Process"
  • Again, your sponsor details will appear. Check below their details
  • You will see a date Last Paid On: ''dd/mm/yy'' on 'time'
  • Please, memorised the date. Because your sponsor will not remind you for this.

2) Your sponsor isnt active anymore?
  • Same as you, your sponsor doing renew also. If they didnt active anymore, dont worry. You still can run this program.
  • You will be "Pass Up" to your new sponsor.
  • Click "Make Payment Process" and you will see whose your new sponsor.
  • Make a contact to your new sponsor, tell them that you are ready to join them.
3) If miss renew date?
  • Not to worry also. "Grace Period / Extansion Period" were provided.
  • Basicly around 2-3weeks before your link were totally terminated.
  • So, please make sure your do renew each month.
4) How to renew members?
  • Just repeat steps as activate new members
5) How to check downlines still active or not?
  • Go to "Mark Payment". See here, the date below their names.
  • If "Grace Enabled" means, their link were under extension and posibbly will be terminated soon.
  • Please remind them about this.
6) What will happens when you no longer active?
  • Same as befor, your downlines will be "Pass Up" to your sponsor.
  • So, dont worry, they still can run this program without you.
7) Summary.
  • Here are the point of your good relationship with your downlines and sponsor.
  • Im sure we wont be so mean to our friend rite?
  • If you or your downlines wont be able to pay renew, please communicate with your sponsor.
  • I believe they will not terminate your link just like that.

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Where to promote your link?

You can promote anywhere.
Your Fb wall. To all your Friends.
Here are some groups/pages in Facebooks

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Reverse 2 Up FAQs

You should be aware that 2 from your first 4 downlines will be pass up to your upline rite? But hows the process? How the system managed to do this? Its all autoresponder.
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1) You can refer here first.

2) So, how the Pass Up (no2 and no4) will do register?
  • Same as usual. But under some conditions and rules.
  • When they click link "Start Payment Process Here" your sponsor details will be appeared, not yours.
  • Their emel+name also transfered to your sponsor link
  • Till they make payment and activated by your sponsor.
3) Whats the benefits of Pass Up persons?
  • They will be guided by your sponsor.
  • Its not your responsibilties anymore.
4) Whats happens after you fully Qualified (already have 4 downlines)
  • Your next downlines, no5, no6, no7, till infinity, all yours.
  • Your sponsor wont take anything anymore.
  • So, the faster you Qualified, the more benefits you will earn.
5) Different kinds of Downlines
  • You can refer at "View Downline" paid members area.

  1. Your Pass Up to your sponsor
  2. Only need 2 downlines (no2 and no4) to Qualified
  1. Directly join under you.
  2. First (no1 and no3).
  3. After qualified, each new members joining you, will be placed here. Till infinty.
  1. Your downline Passing Up to you.
  2. Each of their first two pass up will be placed here.
  3. Also could reach infinity.
  4. At early stage, when you dont have downline passing up to you, this level wont appeared in your link.
6) How to detect whether new members registering as a Pass Up or Directly join under you? Please take note at "Sponsor" name.

  • If its your name, they registered directly under your link.
  • If not, they were registered from your downlines links.
  • Inform your downlines, tell them, somebody just been pass up to you. Make sure whether this person want to join you or not.
7) Summary,
  • The system works for you autoresponder 24hours.
  • You can just figured out this logically.
  • If still unclear, please refer to your sponsor.
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